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To think that bad batteries won’t harm your vehicle is a misnomer. If the battery discharges lower electricity than required, other components will overcompensate for the vehicle to work properly.

Most affected will be the alternator, which is the device that charges your battery. It will have to make up for the difference, which will severely stress it and cause harm over time. Parts, like the starter motor and solenoid, may also be damaged due to the reduced amount of power used to turn the engine.

Vehicle lights may flicker. The climate control compressor will be overworked, which will cause problems in the long run. These are just some of the equipment that needs electricity from the battery during the drive.

Automotive batteries are slightly different from batteries that power your TV remote control or iPhone. The one’s under the hood of a conventional vehicle uses lead alloy plates and battery acid. A chemical reaction converts energy into electricity to start your vehicle and power other necessary components, like the infotainment system, air-conditioning unit, and lights.

While it’s made differently, like all batteries, it degrades over time due to multiple charges and discharges – usually somewhere between three to five years. The longer it is in use, the less electrical capacity it can store and release.

External factors that affect the health of your auto battery include heat, vibration, short trips that don’t charge the battery completely, and allowing the auto battery to drain fully (weekend cars).

Before all of that occurs, come visit us at Ascension Honda in Gonzales, LA.

Here, we’ll give your vehicle battery the works. We’ll do a circuit voltage and load test to find out how many amperes it produces. We’ll then check the alternator and inspect the battery/cables/terminals to see if everything is in good working condition. Finally, we’ll clean the surfaces and terminals.

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When Do You Get Battery Service?

It’s pretty easy to tell if your battery is about to die. First, if your engine cranks or you just hear a click from the ignition but nothing else, it’s most probably a battery problem.

Second, you’ll experience hard starting. This is your engine turning over longer than usual before starting because of decreased electricity coming from the battery. Do note that in certain situations, it may not be the battery’s fault. Sometimes, the problem comes from the starter, spark plugs, starter motor, etc. If you’re experiencing this, bring it over to Ascension Honda in Gonzales, LA, so we can find out what’s wrong.

The third noticeable effect is lighting issues. Whether it’s the exterior lights or lamps in the cabin, if they appear dimmer than usual but brighten as you step on the throttle, chances are there’s something wrong with the battery. Again, this may also be an alternator issue, so have it checked right away.

Fourth, if other auto parts that require electricity respond slower than usual, like the power windows, there’s an electrical problem that needs to be resolved. Again, it may not be entirely the battery’s fault, so have it inspected.

Finally, visual confirmation is always the best. If you see any leaks or warping on the battery body, corrosion on the terminals, then you definitely need a new one. Auto batteries generally last between three to five years, sometimes seven, but it depends on care, maintenance, and usage.

For your peace of mind, come see Ascension Honda in Gonzales, LA, for regular battery service and maintenance. Then, you can rest easy knowing that a failing battery won’t strand you in the middle of nowhere or damage other key car components and cause costly repairs in the long run.

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If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, don’t wait until they get worse before coming in for battery service. Our expert mechanics at Ascension Honda have the best equipment and multimeters to check and clean your auto batteries to ensure your vehicle is always powered up.

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