Save More of Tire Service in Gonzales, LA

Tire Service Savings in Gonzales, LA

The tires are your vehicle’s only connection to the road. As such, tires require care and maintenance to ensure they provide the proper amount of grip and traction to make each drive safe and fun.

hat’s why it is paramount to look after the health of your tires. Neglect and disrepair will shorten their lifespan, reduce the vehicle’s level of performance, increase fuel consumption, and even cause an accident.

Poor or worn-out tires are susceptible to overheating and eventually a blowout because uneven tread wear or balding tires expose the inner rubber to the hot road surface, which then causes internal heat build-up in the tire.

Thinner tires puncture easily and run the risk of losing traction or hydroplaning when it runs over a puddle of water. It’s also dangerous to drive in snow and has a vastly reduced braking distance.

See us at Ascension Honda if you need a professional to look at the condition of your tires. Our factory-trained technicians know the exact specifications of your Honda and recognize the kind of quality and tread it demands from tires that it uses.

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When Do You Get Tire Service?

Tire problems might not cause an immediate breakdown, but it will be enough to affect handling and fuel economy in the short term. Left untended, it might lead to further damage to other vehicle components, or worse, an accident.

Keep your tires in tip-top condition by regularly checking for signs of damage and wear and tear.

Before heading out, do a quick walk around the car. If you notice any tires bottoming out, it may have a leak, so have it checked. Poorly inflated tires cause high fuel consumption, compromise handling precision, and reduce cornering stability.

Don’t over inflate as well. Hard tires cause the ride to feel stiff, reduce traction, and damage suspension parts.

Make sure your tires always have enough tread, the rubber surface with deep grooves that provide grip on the road or dispel water during a rainy day. The tire tread must be at least two millimeters. Any less, and you’ll have to replace the tire.

Should you see cracks and bumps on the tire’s surface, this could be a sign of interior tire damage or dry rot. Have it checked immediately to prevent a blowout.

If everything is visually okay, but you feel the vehicle drift left (or right) unintentionally, or some vibrations come up through the steering wheel, bring it to the dealership for tire or alignment inspection.

Come to Ascension Honda to experience worry-free tire service and maintenance. Our tire experts know exactly what to look for and how to fix them up so you can drive with peace of mind.

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Don’t wait until you start feeling tire problems before seeing us.

Bring your vehicle in for regular tire service and maintenance here at Ascension Honda in Gonzales, LA.

If you’re looking to upgrade your tires to a new set, use our “Shop for Tires” feature on the website to find the right one for your vehicle.

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